Building design #2

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Anonymous asked: I loved the Engine Ghost, but I didn't really understand the end of it! What was the apple? Is Elliot cursed? Will you do more stories about these characters?

Hi! Engine Ghost is meant to be pretty oblique, so I kind of expected some people might not get it. Eliott IS cursed, yes…on page 4 the purple-hat-girl explains that she thinks the engine-ghost is actually a person who’s enchanted, and that’s exactly what’s happened to Eliott. We don’t know why or how, but there it is — he’s enchanted. 

The apple is just a symbolic element. On the first page, fourth panel, there’s a painting behind Imogen’s head. It’s actually the real-life painting "Eve Tempted By The Serpent" by William Blake. The serpentine design of the engine-ghost and Imogen’s apple (and general reddish color scheme) are deliberate references to the same biblical imagery we see in the painting.

I don’t currently plan to do more stories about these characters, but who knows! Maybe someday it’d be fun to explore their stories more!


"The Engine-Ghost" - a short comic about city trains, friendship, & questionable magic. This should hopefully be available as a minicomic at MoCCA Fest in April!!!

Building design #1 

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fish eye & sprout prince


drawn at my local antiques shop


redesigned character lineup!

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