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Emma T. Capps with her collection of “The Chapel Chronicles”. Emma has been doing a webcomic since middle school, and as a high school senior already has trades. She also has been teaching a comics class at 826 Valencia since freshman year. Still think you can’t get that page finished, creators?

I was at Kids Read Comics convention in Ann Arbor, MI this weekend! It was awesome, especially because I got to talk to pint-size comics fans the entire convention.


Because I can’t post my comics work-for-hire pieces right now, here’s something else I make! Today is my one-year anniversary of designing and sewing all my own clothes and accessories - here are a few highlights of what I’ve done. Yay!!! Making clothes means a lot to me.

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The girls, getting ready.

Sorry for not posting in forever! I’ve been drawing tons, but it’s all for comics I can’t post yet. Look forward to them in the next few months!!

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Bus stop


The bride of fate, from Mawaru Penguindrum. I wanted to play around with some of the symbolism used in the series!

Character sprites for a thing I’m doing with some friends!! These were really fun so I went a bit overboard and made way more than I needed… 


Mod girls from my sketchbook!!


Girls & boys (for a longer comic I’ve been working on)

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